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Production Facilities

Production Capacity
3 production bases in Beihai, Hepu and Baise with an aggregate site area of approx.173,000 sq.m. and annualised production capacity around 100,000 tonnes
The average utilization rate of Beihai, Hepu and Baise factories was 70.4% as at 31 December 2015



Factory  Site Area   Number of Production Lines  Designed Annual
Production Capacity 
Beihai   30,098 sq.m. 
1 for frozen fruit and vegetables 
14,850 tonnes 
Hepu  79,000 sq.m. 
11 for fruit juice concentrates and purees
1 for dried fruit
1 for beverages  
46,200 tonnes 
Baise   63,452 sq.m. 
2 for frozen fruit and vegetables 
40,000 tonnes 


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