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The plantations are operated in a similar standard to those in the US and makes use of an automated irrigation system imported from the US. The Group has over 50 sets of large machinery and over 250 sets of small machinery for fertilization, weed removal, leveling, smart pesticide spraying, hole-drilling and tracking at the plantations.

There is also an on-site power station at the plantation providing an electricity supply. The Group has its own advanced refrigerated-storage warehouse and an orange processing line. The Group has been accredited with a number of certifications, which is an excellent endorsement of the high quality of our management and products. Only few orange producers in the PRC are sufficiently well equipped to obtain such certifications.

In order to ensure the quality of oranges and with a view to operating a modernized management, the Group has divided the plantations into certain sub-zones for management purpose. The Group has appointed supervisors to manage different sub-zones. Each supervisor is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of orange trees (e.g. irrigation, soil management, application of fertilizers, weed removing and pest controls etc.) in the sub-zone he manages. Each supervisor has to report daily to the head of the Agricultural Affairs Department (ˇ§AADˇ¨) in respect of the condition of the orange trees in his sub-zone and AAD will keep track of all these updates.


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